Sunday, June 23, 2024

No Tapestry

I have no tapestry Very seldom have I received that reward What little has been given to me Has been taken away My birth was the sound Of someone dropping a violin The crash in my wake Did not compel me to strive And find industry in my art I am hapless And quite condemned

The First Lesson

The first lesson of Letting Go Is failure I am the center of the gestalt That is why I can’t see myself The center Cannot see itself The center is the lesson of truth First it comes Then it sways, to discord and alimony There it arrives at its end To close the truth behind […]

Having All the Answers in One Moment

When I look up to the night sky I am seeing a reflection of myself And in that moment I am perceiving time And that is existence Therefore, there is no part of God Which should not also be visible to me Unless one is advocating for an interdimensional species However, if one were created […]

Planetary Evolution

How to turn this idea Into a poem? That is, if it is a good idea. Do not all good ideas Have their founding in poetry? Dating back, to the forward time, Time misplaces, planets arranged By evolutionary physiatry – Without doubt the rotation of Planets – the harmony of the galaxy, Is itself a […]

From the Port to the Moon

Seeing no god I said to the moon, “I am no leader How shall I survive?” But the moon was covered in clouds And not visible. “From the port of call The moon is a lie,” Echoes the whisperer. “All seasons departed On the shading of tears Of blood not worth your indulgence,” Howled to […]

Beams of Lonely Love

My equilibrium is not justified My path is not a token There are knots tied within And about the currents of space Where time does not allow me The misfortune of being correct Still, I will offer a pardon to my feet And where they might take me In my sleep and arbitrary determination Oh, […]

The Contempt of Loneliness

Loneliness escapes through the Wells of disappointment, demarked As stolen words on lost texts Where radio sirens play holo bells And remarks on stages Like Saturday calls and greets Its final guests, so, too, do I Leave you with the last toast To yesterday, and fallen Ashes, like riddles in the rain Sometimes perspective escapes […]

Dreams of Fearful Architecture

There has been nurturing For altered phrased Of subjective hymns Like crystal in a bat of grease I prefer myself for my own Safe keeping And temper the world With dislikes and phobias And demented returns On reinvestments On fearful architecture There are seared brows in the evening Cherished as the morning brush Sacred like […]

Erasure of Solitary Meals and Gas Pipes

There is a whole Block of text Just waiting to be erased There are deer in the back Eating eggplant and grapes Yes, I shared many meals with you They were the high point of the day When you would trouble yourself to cook For me So that I could experiment with meals For you […]