November 2023 – Richard J Tilley
Monday, May 27, 2024

Households resurrected on railroad farms

a consultive moment dropping pertinacious eyelids a sea mile from coarse laughing predatory fresh water drift nets, drivers in chronic reason not classical not romantic but an adroit flushing to our established weights like agrocultural dissemination drinking comely celestial fountains for a comedy of magnate manners. In the pulmonary caress of our out-stitches our fountains, […]

Trimester Commission on Marked Inlay Puddles

securities and exchange tinkle profuse winters under neglected impanelment fiddler doorman cricks chairman breaks the bier his altimeter, his amble presence retreating to the academy for four days, a dozen allusions, an ambulatory covering for resurrected indefatigable inlays on coffin surfaces; furor from the balcony nondescript conductors gain entry, pose circles in prevaricate rhymes.

Passenger on a magnetic leaf

I am near the pit and the pond where dwells the ancient upon blades of grass, cut with paperweight and mangled exposure. I’m near to them they say, under salutatory trumpet stands politely whispering thunder for augmented trials for allamanda didicoi receiving an estimate, a count. where have you? was there under curtains of asphalt […]

Commonplace eruptions

the appearance of the audience supply lines, in recidivistic fatigue shortening their rhythm, for recommendations to compensate the commonwealth, they are our armory commission on the frontlines to recompose the available determination of our honor. the appearance of the audience misprison for trilogue recursions germinating on the lens of our marked behavior slack syllables demonstrating […]

Cradled Tenure

The melody of uninterpreted mothers is only the word for daily use as a centerpiece to states in shapes of sobriquet injunctions customary delivering, upbringing a generation from colonists courts, judicial patois with a broken leg tossed through rusticated portals assembled at Amsterdam in the presence of husbands, to the joy of their fathers, outside […]


An improvisational, open form makes our trip into mythic detention a united vocation for the individual to become enveloped in and recall our own echoes of open falling and forcing into experience, so open to feel like familiar emptiness. Without the portable and inoculant joys of seeing and breathing into and out of the mist […]

Soft Landings

I like poems with a soft landing. Poems that state the obvious, but curve and index Like a child’s cursive, Like a tormented line about the struggle. Oblique to the Gilded Age of socialism How shall we prose? Like servants To the line of matrimony in cuffs and trailer blades Succinct to a priming formula […]


Contumelious straights with hampered joyous prose Walk tightly across the doctor’s grey lawn I asked for an ashtray without having smoked in years Stead in clear of my rival for this small bump like a shoe What will be the worthy one to you, dear Eliza, trumpeted on high Elixirs for morning prose and songs […]

Grey Matter

There is a stem From which we all follow In broken booths and vacant dispositions Like a parking lot or a thought meter Disrupting a hollow downtown development index Where you were patient And I attested to the wings of change Dispelling like od bent possession With willows that danced in the driveway And distilled […]

Land of the Pirated Gods

When you take an obelisk into retreat For the shares of sanctimony And the moral conflict of abhorrent dreams When you dress your desires with the forever hymns Of tattered lost circuses and stolen fragrances From your mother’s closet It will be time to look to the East Like shattered prose digging in for afflicted […]