December 2023 – Richard J Tilley
Monday, May 27, 2024

sosenuto conversion

mitre rods exhume latent coercion troubadours dance on the railways fabliau transparencies immerse stomachs, stenches, and totality passing streets parting prescriptions doused in mopery; for moppet States untitled, in remembrance in shells on pearl sands for winter clothing. edged again in memorial foundations youth stolen passengers in perpetual persuasion, on docks in passing in pledging […]


not wanting to rank himself, he is seeing mills in June, in repetitious fingers, in flight, for mourning stones within numb temples. not wanting to displace himself, he watches, with painful effort, the neighborhood blush with sciolistic remarks under trodden treasures that sing of change, disposition, and figurative destruction under the weight of carriage lining […]

The Atlantic Coastline

The Atlantic coastline is alive with fire diamonds like raindrops crescendo into morning dew. Asherim poles, like alters smoke into the sky offering a condensed sacrifice for glory, for beauty, for groves in now still timber. I have fabricated tunnels I have dug groves like asphalt, in the plumage mighty and climbing for the favorite […]

funambulist’s fountain

The wind elides tightly on morning grass on couples’s comfort for shades of distinct satisfactions and reservoir fountains in May, in June, and all ailing requests. Perhaps in the morning there will be fountains made of steel-wool for sliding glass for doors of evanescent transposed lines like fragments for camel humps that decipher rhythms and […]

Pampas Grass in Gadroon Winds

Shame is sealed into bones with dexterous winds and blind-man compasses, solvent and graceful she bows the tip to bonding matter, effacement, duress in salutary sweetbriers stolen from window panes from grass tattered curtains, from lower hosts. Commanded for the chaff the wicked and the sublime esteeming cordial winds for flowers that may. Their fathers […]

reducing power struggles

Power wants redundant conflict there is nothing more reliable than an unaware collaborator test measures; a prehistoric kitchen long handled oars draughty cave mouth, presumptuous somatic cells sell ruins for agriculture temperance for solitary confinement drums in phonemes masking tape in mother cupboards, a small functioning unit a bit to turn the horse’s mouth the […]

Blocked roads (girasol eyes)

I saw her staring up to satellites above the earth holding a sign, and giving away her location. She told a story of the women left behind in the middle of Iraq, overwhelmed in communications she saw me watching she saw me looking her bright red hair aflame in the desert. She called me by […]

Deported laundry

nervous harmony ambition operatic excelled localities in sacred form splendor in group instrumentation tendencies in diverse lofty pursuit standard customary d’amore while imperial establishments invite cordial circles predilections remain having died from long experience, less distinctive services, mention Miller and Blake. One meeting dressed in black vaudeville circuses along turnkey compositions. One young man from […]


Give over innate oppression, fool sands, breaking weather stirring apathy and guilt for common clauses, turpid discretions and able hands. Reach for gratitude inquire upon pillars stand on mountains where you belong stand on leverage, on salvation on adamant commands. Intervene for conviction stammer only in dreams and let the morning sun wash away all […]