January 2024 – Richard J Tilley
Sunday, May 26, 2024

Augusta, Georgia 1939

I hear her soft indulgent, familial pines fostering distant space between her temperate limbs and my loose voice Her raised neck waits for me to leave to hush under her shade recalling the swollen lake where our bodies met like two limbs in Georgia of two different shades faded needles penetrating the bark of my […]

Blue Lias

Show restraint, seek correction, redeem flagrant plurality with the indelible songs of ha-Shem. Erect bridges for wells with everlasting water. Seek relations within the humble tensions of psalmodies. Refrain from double frets from loose pages inside withered provosts that only offer high-key reasoning and hold aside the whispering mutual of remaining coal dust.

Tatting Children

lend color, disappointment progress to the slaving bond baptism for reprisal, for latent fools casing hands exacting and tidy sori screenagers occlude measured bursts fit instruments make the new man the hero in denial will suffer a similar despair when the octaroons are all sitting in temples when the pagodas are moist with children running […]

extension of a rope lift

governance in unhuman power both in opposition to the lifting might the manufactured dotted stifling, responsibility only a degree of forces, history, systematic slogans tied in vase sculptures for retired thieves. anesthesia succumbs to polite structures immobilized, in paralysis for dormant weddings, for every collaborating witness, a momentary consumer trenched in the solidarity of our […]

All the Giants are Gone

All the giants are gone where will we go the leaders the gods the ultra men and women the significant appraisals where are the loud secrets the harmonious gasps the singers in crew the sanctimonious laughs All the giants have left us all I have is the night sky on my back porch, among the […]

Bare River

The ceiling is casting the river is bare The silence melts the florescent trees like stolen sands in ashy doorways I will be like the river bare in my thoughts until the ceilings of time run physics through my limbs florescent and parsed; parched and wet until I have journeyed with the thief responsible for […]

Amber Clouds of Time

Wealth is a meager tool for the responsibility of the constricting of property it is nothing like a poem this poem is my property on the heart of silence it is built with passed time and shoulders under water I have stolen the bulls of the stricken pace and the bells of matrimony call out […]

The Standards

I found myself in a large building, almost deserted. By the remaining forces, I was nominated to be a judge of humanity. I was told it was because my generation did not keep tigers as pets. I laughed and asked if that was really the standard. I attempted to escape the compound. I got outside […]

Humble Mountain

I wish I could discover a new mountain So that I can name it Humble Mountain Not, that I expect it will be a small mountain Perhaps on a planet far away Not, that I can see that far away I require reading glasses I have limited vision I could not see a mountain, Even […]