February 2024 – Richard J Tilley
Monday, May 27, 2024

Adept to Frozen Language

From the mark of scolding winter To the prison of language’s limited ashtray There are those who stare from the balcony of defeated highways, And resume old tattering scales among rust and rattled emotions. They are in our wake, dissolved within our immanent stall-way, Presumed marked for sailors’s helmets and toddler claws, Like a short-ended […]

Riddles in the Rain

Loneliness escapes through the Wells of disappointment, demarcated As stolen words on lost texts Where radio sirens play holo-bells And remarks, on stage. Like Saturday calls and greets Its final guest, so too do I Leave you with this last toast To yesterday, and fallen Ashes, like riddles in the rain.

In Favor of Music

Sometimes perspective escapes us. Not out of lack of desire for Clear sight, but instead out of A deep regret for the living Experience of sadness and disrepair. Loneliness is a fragment of those Who have trespassed life’s Contempt for peace and Stability in favor of music And the sounds of beauty.

Counterfeit Dreams of Transparency

There are sacred brocks in the evening Cherished as the morning brush Sacred like a stone’s smooth tones Nothing left to store There are no memories for the night That weaves past the serenity fever Like a doll made for playtime Like a doctor made to cover Something must be calculated Mortified and congregated Before […]

Fearful Architecture

There has been a notion For altered phrases Or subjective hymns Like crystal in a coat of grease I preface myself for my own Safekeeping And temper the Earth With dislikes and phobias And demented returns On investments On fearful architecture

Tonal Regeneration

A good song has elements of existing Within a finite determinism Caught in near possession But never total acquiescence It is a boat with a depleting river A good song must remain a remote Franchise of solitary confession That mirrors the star dust of expectations And ramifications of blatant disregard For tempo abstractions and tonal […]

Reincarnated Alliances

Every day is a reincarnation Each morning a new step From the previous steps we’re taking Towards a future determined by how We set forward our principal energies. Each new calculation of the placement of artifacts Of the past, of memories, Helps us navigate towards true motion True sequencing of energies that imbibe And orchestrate […]

Meadows of Dawn

I shall not howl I shall not curse I shall make meadows with the Propensity of my labors And breathe new embers Into stolen sands, for matrimony For selfhood and a glance At the forever fold Like trees in descent And the meadows of dawn

The Kaparos Lawyer

Hadad writes his will the stipulation of self incarcerated to lay upon scratched in blood more glorious then regards marginal, and obtuse settled without upwards, objects of disgust crossover, Amos denounces the early morning wedding between factions and guilt which curdles on paper, on kaparos hands in the auction of guilt and court ordered trespass […]

Celebrated Silence

There are no birds here the heavens have disowned me it is quiet and I can read. I have moved to a new state where there are no chances of eager flocks to rob my stead. No thief! No bureaucratic widows, lining the halls with milk and dust as though only an intermittent coupon waiting […]