May 2024 – Richard J Tilley
Monday, May 27, 2024

Portrait of God as an Artist

God paints with stars And nebulae And molecules and atoms And God paints with Dorsal fins and trigonometry But what God never does, No, no, what God never does Is paint with poetic meter

Every Star is a Song

Every star is a song embracing its own culture being pandered over and poked regarding its eventual demise Each star is a song triumphant and allegorical to the placed crowd of empty space (maybe poetry should sing after all)

We had no children

We play tug of war with riddles of atoms like snowflakes in crystal lampshades there is no circumference we have gone up to space now disposed we fracture the moon with our lies but the only thing to see in the garden is me where I have not left hope attired I practice navigating her […]

Labors Distraught Minus Parity

We’re touching snowcaps Standing on the ground We are elevated in delusions I walk the heights of my motions in the sea Where little tadpoles somehow drowned I was thereafter lost in the city Until the evening is fresh and green And we start to see architecture From the mountains, from the desert We know […]

The True Story of the Knocking on the Door

It’s the sound you’ve heard before One part of a song hidden within another You’ve tried to call it out, But no one is listening Not the knocking at the door That frightened you, you were thinking it was A visiting angel here to judge you You got on your knees and cried Now listening; […]

Humility Cornering Me

Humility is a breach of trust, Though some unwritten god whispers to me That it is a mandatory persuasion. I am so terrified by its precepts And the poverty that it requires. My heart battles against the Incumbent strain of poor labor That poetry and lifelines situate By the gestures of humility. I am strapped […]

Dreams are the Diminishing Clay of Creation

We lose ourselves in dreams, As with clay, we are (re)formed Into absolute components, and Absolute opponents – for the desire Of escape: from the class we Were formed into, born into, And where the light of creation hymns Took so long to cross the galaxy Before reaching our foreheads, or was it Our arms […]

Medal for Proposed Laundry

This is the last formidable dance To hear the calling of your corners However grateful or wind chilled The bracing of human wisdom Slides from the prison walls And implied muddy banks; I want to know that my father, The moon, was history, but I Know he is now dead in the listing Will of […]