Thursday, July 18, 2024

Drafting Greatness, Volumes I-II

Vol. I There is a distilled voice That emigrates among the dirges Of greatness And resuscitates like a peace pipe Among the darting sea I do not have too many pines For greatness, among the ports Of leaning and craft But I have seen distilled winters levy Among the gratefulness of night Vol. II There […]

Decision Making

Decision making is an artform I’m thinking of taking it up again The long cruel night settles in Without Václav Havel to warm the Earth From cold, frosty, red timbers Of alabaster churns and milky waves Of children’s songs that renounce The wedding between the chief And the cold timbers, Where Sammy eats fire And […]

Master and a Coin

There is a nice / list Legs join together and snow Forgetting the appraisal For lost donkey fountains And celebrated rhythms of time Forfeiting our nature For a moment of sound And an hour with a pencil I have forgotten to pretend That I can be no army Without a master and a / coin

Docile Forms and Hammers for Guild Manners

Docile farms And hammers for guild manners So sublime under the eye dropper Of God, whose quest For endurance steals the weight Of rest and rowboats lonely nest Docile forms And spray paint for seasoned complainers Do not, that do not, say or think In persuaded difference, as Stuart Hall Quotes dreaming of the Atlantic […]

Selected Entryway Disposal Cups

Beads collected like stolen journals Set fire to retired memories Of me in my attire of frustration No more evidence of dreams you had For our hearts She is here and strong and so patient Distracted by banana cords Lakes beware candy but facing exhausted eyes Our lovely shell and the diapers of darlings Squirrels […]

What Was I Dreaming?

I wonder what I was dreaming To get so close to you Barns, temples, asphalt Colliding Midwest southern journeys So much that I see the face Of god’s downy suspicion What is left After the dream is over?

Laughing for Squirrels

Conceding fresh waste As dispensation For squirrel laughter, Horror in plain ridge Nostril blasphemy Share of honor Like the second Trill denoting late Dreams and sold bone Waist socks, delivery To measured shame. Come give the speech That “God is dead” Like your dreams of squirrels You will continue to do so

A Pregnant Fountain

The dormant redress Was not typical frameless It did not stare Or drift about But tunneled through To the house and the home Like dross bells among Mother’s curtains Home for the duration Of the summer And sweating loose and loud

New Marriage to Tired Sands

Justice burgage Pastoral context For tired, whittled pedestals New to the front of domesticated rhythms And parching rethemes But did not release until morning Where trees are bent And all stems bend reward Tonight, darling

The Trouble We Go Through

The trouble is the march Through age and random remarks Remanded of age as a thesis For support and made thread Condemnation Age is like a tulip Never appreciated, but always worn Around the neck, rehearsing Lost collars, lost sense And remembered persuasions Of domesticated beasts In tired moon starlings