Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Contempt of Loneliness

Loneliness escapes through the Wells of disappointment, demarked As stolen words on lost texts Where radio sirens play holo bells And remarks on stages Like Saturday calls and greets Its final guests, so, too, do I Leave you with the last toast To yesterday, and fallen Ashes, like riddles in the rain Sometimes perspective escapes […]

Dreams of Fearful Architecture

There has been nurturing For altered phrased Of subjective hymns Like crystal in a bat of grease I prefer myself for my own Safe keeping And temper the world With dislikes and phobias And demented returns On reinvestments On fearful architecture There are seared brows in the evening Cherished as the morning brush Sacred like […]

Erasure of Solitary Meals and Gas Pipes

There is a whole Block of text Just waiting to be erased There are deer in the back Eating eggplant and grapes Yes, I shared many meals with you They were the high point of the day When you would trouble yourself to cook For me So that I could experiment with meals For you […]

When I Had Money

For that short time Between years When I had money I did not trust you When you cried to borrow it It was everything to me You promised security With one hand And then pleaded to strip me Naked When I had money Between those short years I isolated indifference And fell apart Like the […]

The Good

A good song has elements of existing Withing a finite determinism Caught in near possession But never total acquiesce It is a boat with a depleting river A good song must remain a remote Franchise of solitary confession That mirrors the star dust of expectations And ramifications of blatant disregard For tempo abstractions and tonal […]

A Vision of Sands

I saw Her, my God, Standing in desert With the hint of a mountain Behind Her I saw Her hand It was filthy The filthy hand of my God Her clothing was draped and Wrapped between her thumb And other fingers She wore all white But it was brown with The sands of the ocean […]