Tuesday, July 16, 2024

An Obligor Whispers

I was a passenger in white sands
storms tossed for shelter, for land.
We were acerbic children
dancing in empires and erubescent dreams
loathed by indecision, repelled by want
adroit in language and seizing pilgrimage,
extolled by pigs in hammocks with intrigant wings
armed with gabbro-curtains, flakes of stomach lining
gripped by trees, tossing branches
pedunculate oaks in autotomous remorse
repentance for unchosen variables, adjourned
and disgusted by high muck-a-muck campfires,
stolen incisors, and repellant overpass.

An obligor whispers fame, merchant sails
and August dusk. He withstands sails made
with teeth, with white down and soft payment.
He speaks with doublure chalk
in the colors of moon rocks, siding
with wisdom, with loose hands, with an exacting evening for Southern mastication.

Moments, voices imbibe
Two strong men
for ladders, for scrolls
who can close their eyes
on this much evil

no patience with loving men
mask around corners before being taken
young players revolt against probing speakers,
painters, poets; intonation admired from afar.

liberated from lawyers
young players renew a round of error
spiritual turpitude found somewhere, found any
fundamental ending though its deliberate frailties

young players now being together
historians with great measures, gain liberty,
collections of narrow wings
signatures of feet, Jehoshaphat carried off

a frame to work from
deliberation in the instrument

We are overjoyed!

Slow gentle sway of the arm
through the air – through nothing –
Was a motion, gesturing presence
acknowledging, and simulating
the movement of the present

All that flows
and out of you.
ever in the moment

Perhaps just a temporary gift, certainly that was all
But immobilized by its legend
Achieving its end,
With the movement

One can reject presence.

If one listens for the moment’s pace,..
There you will find its greatest distraction.
is the instrument
of tyranny

From which all evil is succeeded
and reinforced
Though we pause and reject the moment
in that we redirect presence, fortune, and Love
at the cost of time and / sober
consolidation of reason

Perhaps it is the nature of a conversation to stray?
And follow with our minds
what our tongues must swallow.

The principle parts
that Makkedah and Gibeon
shouldered, moving spirits
for renting, took apart
prohibiting the question, the authority,
contending slaughter within a flower-vase
deciding the sun.

The love of kings
he embellishes, a relar, a replica
impressing a soft spoken opposition
for old moons, Marist lengthways,
incumbent tongues. Delivered from
exposure, working upon the blue
cold steel earth thundering
consistent voices, flashing lights,
truth and liberty leap from
our mouths.

Only a minor alteration,
hoarse reproduction painting
specifiers as the work of those
who are no longer here, with the intent
to preserve meaning, that action
redefines. Where the concept
is an attempt at discrepancy,
its materialness confides,
descends on what one means by
“more or less,” its transparency neither
the original intent, nor ascribed.

Appeal to the king
himself, ideal variants
political processes decentralized
and unwilling to be reserved
by colonists functions. Constructs
edify contemptuous rotes, discussions,
strict requirements allocated with his
official protection.

Terms for one’s certain
proposals; taxes in the days
of Nicolas. Russia is processing
passports, recruiting motives
from one man to another
in the village where Elias sits
being insulted for tuberculosis,
disadvantages, for refinement
in extranatural clarification.

We have seen his eyes
and they are tainted
with a state of relative virtuosity,
from fractions of incisors
disregarding the race
of eloquent forces, the lesser
and structural nature
subsists in marching feet
down dowry disturbances
for long overdue passions
weary from the rain

Even still, there is no rain
hard enough to make this fall.

There is no rain hard enough
to make this fall.

Tenufah, offering an order
the city council remains
in heretical documents, between
expressions, sailed to Vienna
with Emerson and an undercover
narcotics agent. He was the first.
He was put to rest at sea, accompanied
by black and white television
and union prayers.

Spiriting instates languages, gestures,
theft for rigorous familiarity, being
and thematized, remembering that we should have,
mother loves
heaven and earth
your council
show great mercy,
insists grievances by everyone,
as negligence, blessed
he has been understood
he does not renounce
his unassuming ways.

His sister
makes out the page numbers
from an old plantation
knowing what they meant
in silence
hurrying, consolidation,
inconceivable counterpart / fallen out
jeopardizing honest relations
by motivating orientations.