Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Burden of Action

When the latter poets draw cherubs ten stories,
ten lily blossoms, three corner bases held
temperaments, held saw dust: delegate pedestals
breech captive pilots, wreaths of thunder pour down.

The prince observes the boundaries, the weakness
of the future, languid torpedoes, problematic security.

A point of reference for eschewing reductionist history,
made science, made true, made sand castles marching
to inaccessible trades. The product of space between
percussions, whistle blown trumpets dance on stanza habitats
and appropriate division: precursors of approach until
dying poets cut moments of freedom from the
ghost tingling hands of dead saints.

Hidden in stalls, in dreams from night, from lovers
overcast madness uninterested in ecstasy, in doctrine,
or peddle stop rituals. ecstasis. meddle frames
in rhapsodies of transported keys, underwhelmed by convention,
over enthused by terms willed, desired, and triumphant.

Breathing in a pale craft, a jointed note, pedagogy
carried away, caught up, in freedom, in reproach,
in distress and derision of puppet applause and
cursory blown radicals sweeping between pews and
bitter pedis secretaries for emphasis, for vespers, for burning patience.