Saturday, July 20, 2024

Erasure of Solitary Meals and Gas Pipes

There is a whole
Block of text
Just waiting to be erased

There are deer in the back
Eating eggplant and grapes

Yes, I shared many meals with you
They were the high point of the day
When you would trouble yourself to cook
For me
So that I could experiment with meals
For you

All that is gone now
Permanently erased
Lost memories
In broken journals
Full of lies and fermenting scapegoats
In the back
Eating eggplants, portobello mushrooms, and kiwi

Taking small procession
For your lost journals
And tunnels of fabrications
To hide your abuses
Of disabled, unmedicated, small
Helpless people

I know you from a distance
In years and miles
Stroking in your chair
Among the gas pipes and tonic water