Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Guillemot Villages

they could never become a happier people
stories, and forked persuasions
roads drawn in sky tides resembling fortune,
resembling beauty. Patriot birds falling over cliffs
over trench roads, over seasons for rejoice.

heritage revives arcane tragedies with resilience
near misses of what could have been
an unconvincing ancestor works in the yard
the soil is moist, its thoughts perplexed and yearning.

indigo thieves triumph in regret
they wipe their mouths, they journey over idioms
for perfect channels, straights of fugitive communities
play on gold strings and idealized frets

they are fragments of history, they remember
newspaper clippings with some names who are
characters in the present, in the groves of precision,
marked by addle folk music, concerts of history,
unsure of ritual and relation, a bottled precursor
for robbed discussions, trails
of scavengers invoke justice, invoke brine, perjure
exacting incidents of national utopia.

between conditions of farmhouse laundry and
spiritual indifference, their lies harmonize
the tyrant and the lover, the boxer and
the uniqueness of life sounds. Spectator mumbles
from the center of the stage.