Sunday, July 14, 2024

Inciting God

The act of inciting the Heavenly One
to pursue justice with us and not detain justice
in our stance offers a compelling philosophical grounding
that deters stalwart domestic patriarchs
that maintain an appetence of withdrawal
from communal integrated harmony.

Uliginous colonialisms represented by
the theatrical orb and scepter
meeting floras and projected distillations
of witlessness and vacant disruptions of authority
that must be (re)constructed through images
of high kingship and kinship are the landscape of our disposition.

Frontispiece and allegory represent naïve vainglory
of aggressive colonialisms enacting the cartography
of the deleterious exergue of capitalism.
The lodestar of calculated weight and assimilation
to the language of oppression must be countered with the post-liberal forces of progressive change and incised validation.

Settlers must strip themselves of their native language
and abandon the still, two-dimensional image of the Other
demarcated with criminal intent and savage obedience
that is perceived as threats of globalism and good governance.