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Monday, May 27, 2024

Memories are not unlike incisors

Yes, you’ve forgotten where your Dormant sands quake that Lead to an arrest of persuasion, But you did not forget her teeth Nibbling at your courage Like the depths of father’s Alcoholism and stolen guilt. What you do recall Is the only moment you were alone Together, and she smiled, and insisted You do, to […]

Moon as Witness

The moon and the stars Are witnesses against us Seeing every atrocity All the travesties and heartbreak And they will not be censored In the witness chair They will not hold back Or forgive No teleological reluctance Or naturally impaired tongue Recidivism will attest To our abuses Against the planet And each other Inside the […]

Of Frostbitten Summer

Sacred waves of broken letters This is the gift beyond the sea Of seismology of tranquil Reports of fires of bequeathed Individual letters of concern An alphabet of terrors That rejected your promises, Your vows to an empty god God has spilled out his insides And has no digestion left for you Not in a […]

Attentive Living

Living, as it is called, is for those Who cannot face the facts There is a determined wind Moving against all sides Of bow-ways and short-ways Stunned in tidy equations No, loving, as it is called, is for those Who cannot face the facts Dine in your denial Of grace in beauty Because your counter-stern […]

When God Cries Tears of Grass

For all the questions I can’t ask God cuts me with a blade of grass I imitate turmoil God imitates interest But there are no dollar signs in my doorway Believe me, I have looked And God checks behind me Then God tells me, “It seems like there is nothing there” I have imitated all […]

Beacons of Oppression

No more past and frozen Broken dollars on the costume’s edge No riddle to be stolen Or hid between her parked legs There are ships on the balcony Solid in perpetuated demise Sold for grass curtains and parted Along the stringed astray reprise Formed almost like a whisper Grey and atoned for In the night […]

Disafforested Bounty

Disafforested convenience in the Land of neighboring plentiful streets Of broadcast entries and solemn In the reins of remarkable beauty, Where pigeons grow And count the blessings of rush hour, So soft against the lean violin Where magistrates continue a Disembarked entry into the doorway Of magnified centuries Solid dust in our persuasions Soiled curtains […]

If History Itself is God

I wonder if history is God, or, That people too often mistake History for God. I’ve managed To confine myself in an ontological Pseudo-inspiration for both Logical trespass and pacification If history is God, then I am a Dormouse in the hallways of Concession, fabricating my allegories With a dorsal fin chime. Stolen words Lost […]