Sunday, July 14, 2024

Reception for an occasional prohibitive competitor

In the order of proof
could plead exchanges and vows
to another proposed purchase of will
dignity is reserved for narrow labors
in the camps of established lines.

We are of age, prided and perfunctory
in our zeal, justified and distinguished
for fondness. St. Steven reached
together with consistent assertions
that removed hostility, speaking constructions
morally, worthy, questioning the affinity
at this reception, this anarthrous
interpreting, for giving
for witnesses
for rendering divided passive voices
elevated attributes constituted
an opinion, a nuptial
in praise, in solitude refinement
for perfection of a member
of joy.

Receptions of the occasional prohibitive competitor
said to be in likeness
in common joy
declared token
once or never or on occasion
together, without a morning substitute
for service in confinement
in cages made of wool
with steel latches
guarding his belt, his temporary
season in the midst of
international waters,
for glutton trespasses
in the bowels of our entry
to this world of appearances
the prohibitive cause
in milk
in ashes
under girdle stones
for weights, for water