Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Esurient Farandoule

Where the drill swings affront to old music
in tired weeks, convulsions lift weights
swallow teeth from liger dreams, transit
projective beams loose jaws and bear grim shifts,
a dark reaction to truth where awl does
heal in better mines than paideia dreams
prevaricate mines shield a waiting hymn
rouge shifts tantalize loom rests and briars

God has shown me azurite pearls of sorts
He designs a key map for me to follow
a kerbing never takes a mask from a
negative image, nor want a final
cylinder broke in lovely brittle incense
where sickles chain a more humble response

Where litters smooth estate traverse heraldry
to know the hammer lifts to strike at toil
my diaphragm dishevels waking secrets
under knotted draining boards and love
did not betray a grass parakeet to whelp
at stories saved replant lost gross weight
renown lingering sounds recoil for
angels ageless southdown remissions
smuggled seamanlike to hurried ashes
around the stockbroker belt lambasting
courage as a roche moutonnée,
hoverfly among the evening stills
that minimize stark awakening scene